Last night, stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where they revealed the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War. Naturally, fans have been poring over the footage ever since, looking for any clues or possible Easter Eggs hiding in plain sight. The folks at Culture Buff have put together a slow-motion video featuring one key scene in the trailer, where they posit that the new Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is briefly seen.

The scene in question comes at the 1:33 mark of the trailer, where The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) is seen leaping off a building, before deploying his wings and flying over a bystander on the ground. This mystery person can clearly be seen wearing a red shirt or jacket, leading to the speculation that this individual may be the new Spider-Man. Since we don't know what the new Spider-Man's costume looks like yet, this mystery man certainly may be Spidey, but there is also other evidence to consider.

Even with the slow-motion video, it's tough to get a good look at this person, but from certain angles, it appears to be an African-American man, which may be Miles Morales. Could it be possible that Captain America: Civil War introduces both Peter Parker and Miles Morales? Last month, Spider-Man reboot director Jon Watts wouldn't confirm nor deny the presence of Miles Morales in the upcoming movie, which certainly isn't a confirmation of his inclusion, but it could mean that he may pop up.

Then again, even if Miles Morales is a part of the stand alone Spider-Man movie, that doesn't mean he would necessarily be introduced with Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War. The most likely scenario, however, is this person is just a man wearing a red shirt or a jacket, who gets a fly-by from The Falcon. It's entirely possible that we won't get to see Spidey at all until Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

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Take a look at the slow-motion video below, and let us know if you think this is our first glimpse at Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. It isn't known when the next trailer may arrive, but it's possible that the studio could release the next batch of footage during the Super Bowl next year. You can also check out the full Captain America: Civil War trailer, in case you missed it last night or just want to watch it over and over again.