Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's "manufacturing on demand" ("MOD") program is excited to announce its newest addition, Captain America, available on DVD as part of MGM's Limited Edition Collection. Based on the bestselling Marvel Comics series, Captain America stars Matt Salinger as a crime-fighting superhero whose strengths and abilities may save the United States from nuclear destruction.

Captain America DVD Artwork

During World War II, a brave American soldier (Matt Salinger) volunteers to undergo experiments to become a new super-soldier, codenamed "Captain America." Infiltrating Germany to sabotage Nazi rockets pointed at the U.S., Captain America faces off with Nazi superhuman warrior Red Skull (Scott Paulin) who defeats the hero, throwing him into suspended animation. Frozen for 50 years, Captain America is found and revived only to find that Red Skull has changed identities and has targeted the President of the United States (Ronny Cox) for assassination. With America on the verge of utter chaos, it is up to one man to save the day!

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Captain America also features supporting performances from Ned Beatty, Darren McGavin, Michael Nouri and Melinda Dillon and Bill Mumy. The DVD will be available for sale on online retailers everywhere.