How does the saying go? 'Films are films, comics are comics and never the twain shall meet.' Well, nobody probably ever said that, but that doesn't mean that it isn't true. It just means that films and comic books are two different mediums, irrespective of the fact that oftentimes one (the comic) causes the creation of the other (the films). Even if the plots of the hardcopy are different than the celluloid.

On May 25, 2016, the Marvel comic book universe was rocked when it was revealed that since he was a young boy, Steve Rogers, the man you know as Captain America, is actually a double agent for Hydra. This wasn't just a massive plot twist in a comic that has been around for many decades, it's literally earth shattering. Steve Rogers is much more than a mere superhero. He represents humanity and if he's not on the level then, in some way, we might not be either.

Even more interesting than that plot twist is how this new comic could effect future films. After all, Marvel has spent a great deal of coin on all of their movie phases. However, their trump card is that this plot twist really isn't a twist at all. It is all part of an elaborate Captain America history that is entirely unrelated to the movie side of things.

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What does this mean? Basically, watch the movies for what they are, read the comics for what they are and enjoy it all. All of this is well and good but what if you can't? What if the idea of Cap being on the side Hydra his whole life just doesn't sit well with you? What if you want to imagine a world where all of these things intersect?

Friends, look no further. What this article tries to do is to imagine a parallel universe where all of this superhero goodness can exist. It will make some amazing leaps, posit a lot of conjecture, and at it's best, attempt to follow some sort of through line. Most importantly, this list will put forth that, like it or not, there are 7 Reasons Why Captain America as a Hydra Agent Is Better Than Any Marvel Movie Yet!

It Changes Everything

The First Avenger

This goes beyond the Marvel Universe to change everything we've seen in the movies. In all honesty, not accepting where Marvel is going with this Hydra twist is selfish. I say that because we are always scrutinizing these superhero films. If they have great action then we complain that they lack character depth. If they have too much character depth we label the films as slow. I've heard complaints like this about The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, in fact, some wag had the chutzpah to call Captain America: Civil War a fairly by the numbers superhero film. Well, kudos to Marvel for not playing it safe at all this time around. They could've made carbon copy after carbon copy of their movies, continuing to follow suit in the comics, and than back to the world of these films that are so beloved. Instead, Marvel took a character that his been around its hallowed pages since 1941 and they completely turned him upside down. Inside out. In the process, they have shaken up their comic side of things, while at the same time, they have fans asking big, bold questions about what has already transpired on film side and, beyond that, they've shaken up Marvel's own storied history to it's very core. By doing this, they have granted themselves an even greater freedom. Who benefits from this? The fans!

Everyone is Called Into Question

Marvel Avengers

If Steve Rogers is is indeed a Hydra agent what is Marvel's endgame? Are they going to keep the movies and the comics as two separate entities? Will we continue to see one Steve Rogers on the big screen and another on the page? This then begs the question, what exactly are the Marvel movies? Has the point of the three Captain America films been to possibly establish Steve and Bucky as agents for Hydra? Does Steve Roger's friendship with Bucky somehow allow him to understand what he's always been? The questions continue and there are no easy answers. One thing is for sure, Captain America is bigger than any movie or comic book. You can't walk 10 feet without seeing someone with a Captain America shirt. So just who is Steve Rogers? Who are we as a society for supporting him? Who are the characters in Civil War who sided against Iron Man? Have they been vindicated? Has everything Steve Rogers has done been leading The Avengers toward their own destruction? As stated above, the films and the comics are two different things but for how long? And should they eventually meet, what sort of light might that cast on Marvel's film slate then? Forget about the films, the revelation about Captain America's true allegiances calls EVERYTHING and EVERYONE into question. And it has us question the motives of a lot of characters both on and off the screen. When has any of the other movies done that? Having us actually think beyond the time we've spent in our seat on such a deep level?

Evan Jacobs