In honor of Captain America's 75th anniversary, Marvel (in association with Comicave) will be unveiling a 13-foot commemorative statue for the beloved super hero at San Diego Comic Con, and is excited to provide this sneak peak. For those of you in attendance, visit it live at the Marvel booth (#2329), where fans can take photo ops on the show floor. The statue will be available for fans to visit throughout the duration of SDCC, before it begins a cross-country journey.

And for those not at Comic-Con, the commemorative statue will travel cross country to Steve Rogers' hometown, Brooklyn, NY, where it will be on temporary display in the Children's Corner of Prospect Park for two weeks. This will all kick off with a dedication ceremony and community event on August 10th from 1-3pm. That evening, a special viewing of the recent blockbuster film, Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, will take place in Prospect Park as part of the Brooklyn Borough's "Movies Under the Stars" program.

After a half-month stop in Prospect Park, the Captain America statue will move to the plaza outside Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue for September, during which exciting Marvel fan activations will take place. October through the remainder of the year, the statue will adorn the atrium of the soon-to-be opened "Beyond" flagship location in Industry City. There, comic book fans of all ages will enjoy a special re-designed statue base, perfect for photos! You can follow Captain America Statue's cross-country journey route through photos on social media sites like Marvel and @StyledByMarvel on Instagram.

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We also reported earlier this month that Comicave Studios, which designed the statue along with Marvel artists, will be selling 750 limited-edition bronze replica statues. They will also sell 100 "made-to-order" 35-inch pewter replicas as well, although it isn't known when they will be available for purchase, or how much they will cost. It's possible that Marvel and Comicave will announce how much these statues will cost, and when they'll be available for purchase, at Comic-Con, so stay tuned for more updates.

Captain America is more popular than ever, thanks to Chris Evans' rendition of this beloved character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This year's Captain America: Civil War has taken in more than $1.1 billion worldwide at the box office. In addition to these first-look photo of the actual statue, we also have the cover art for a special tie-in comic book, that brings the statue itself into the comic book continuity, which will be available at Comic-Con and other special events. Take a look at the statue and comic book cover below.

Captain America Statue 1
Captain America Statue 2
Captain America Comic Book