If you're wondering why we're seeing so much content from upcoming superhero movies spill in, its because we're about to be bombarded at the multiplex with one too many characters from both the Marvel and DC Universe. Everyone is currently jockeying for position, and the studios are hoping that fans don't get lost in a sea of costumed do-gooders.

But this hailstorm of information is offering the true comic book genre fan a real look at this coming year in cinema. Today, we have more information about Captain America: The First Avenger. Director Joe Johnston has completed the first cut of the film, and he has sat down and watched it as though he were a fan himself, immersing himself in this world for the first time.

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What did Johnston think of his own movie? Here is what he said:

"I watched the movie for the first time a few days ago and I just looked at the first cut and there is so much entertainment value - it's just flat-out fun to watch. Maybe I'm somewhat biased - I was there [when we made it] - but, seriously, it's funny, it's exciting and there's great visual effects. The movie is going to be something more than people are expecting. This movie is going to surprise some people. It is the origin story of Captain America but it is also something rare - it's a period superhero film but there's great action in it. You don't normally think of guys driving around in 1939 sedans in an action film but there are some great action beats in it. It's just a helluva lot of fun to watch."

When asked about the performance of his cast in the upcoming Marvel adventure, Joe stated:

"All actors bring something unexpected to the role because they have to translate what's on the page and make a real character out of the black-and-white text that's there in the script. I hadn't worked with Chris Evans and I wasn't really that familiar with his work and I didn't know what to expect. I was blown away by the subtlety that he brought to the role. It was really exciting to watch him. He added layers to the character that were not on the page and layers that were not in the comic books. He made Steve Rogers into a real flesh-and-blood character and it was fantastic to watch."

Sebastian Stan also came forward to speak about his role as James 'Bucky' Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger. Here is what the actor had to say:

"Steve Rogers and Bucky are both orphans and kind of like brothers. They kind of grow up together and look after each other. It's a very human, relatable thing. And growing up in the Army is a very specific thing. There's a certain way these guys carry themselves, there's a certain etiquette, a certain body posture, the way that they interact. So I went back and read the comics and watched a lot of documentaries on World War II. "Band of Brothers" was very helpful. I wanted to make sure I respected the themes in the comics that people related to about Bucky, but at the same time, in my head, we were shooting a movie that takes place in 1944 and it is about a bunch of guys going to war and how they're going to look out for each other. Bucky always protects and looks out for Steve Rogers. I also wanted to look out for how their relationship changes once Steve Rogers becomes Captain America. There's always a competition and they're always one-upping each other. I paid attention to how Bucky is affected by Steve's change and suddenly Steve is this leader."

Sebastian also talked about the action scenes that he will be taking on:

"There's a lot of CGI stuff and working with a green screen. I hadn't done that too extensively before. That was very challenging, because you're just there surrounded by green walls, but there's going to explosions going off around you, so you have to factor that in and maintain that in your imagination. It helped to go back to the monitor or to check out the boards with pictures of what it was going to look like. Also, the stunts were challenging. You want to do the stunts yourself, so you feel like you accomplished it. But sometimes it's important to step back and let the real professional guys do it because you don't want to hurt yourself."