It seems that a story from March was half true and half false. Captain America: The First Avenger will be undergoing reshoots, but they will take place in Los Angeles, instead of the U.K.

A permit was issued to Vita Ray Productions, the production company behind Captain America: The First Avenger for Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9 in downtown Los Angeles. The production will be prepping the shoot on Friday, with the actual filming to take place on Saturday.

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It isn't known what is exactly being shot in L.A. this weekend, although it seems coded signs for "FrostBite" have also appeared in Ventura County. "FrostBite" was the code name for Captain America: The First Avenger when principal photography took place in the United Kingdom. It seems part of the L.A. shoot will be to film Stan Lee's cameo. Here are two tweets he sent out earlier today.

"Marvel Studios has upgraded my cameo for the Captain America movie! They've given me one more word of dialogue than originally planned!"
"This moment shall live in history! I am ready for my close-up! Excelsior!"