Captain America: The First Avenger screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely made an appearance at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood over the weekend, where they debuted the latest trailer for the superhero tale. While the trailer hasn't been released online yet, you can read a full description of this all-new trailer below.

"The new trailer focused on the character of Steve Rogers, particularly the spirit of scrawny Steve desperate to sign up, feeling like it's his duty and he's letting his country down by not getting in. RELATED: Dune Director Thinks 'Cut and Paste' Marvel Movies Are Turning Us All Into Zombies

The best new addition is a scene that happens between Tommy Lee Jones' Col. Philips and Stanley Tucci's Dr. Erskine on the grounds of their training camp. Jones says, "When you let a 90 pound athsmatic onto my base, I let it slide" to which Tucci replies, "I am looking for qualities beyond the physical." A few shots of skinny Steve trying his damnedest through obstacle courses play over this dialogue.

Then Jones grabs a grenade and says, "You win wars with guts," before pulling the pin and throwing it at the ground of the recruits. The big, tough guys scatter to the four winds, but Steve Rogers jumps on top of it, sure he's about to be blown to pieces, but wanting to protect his fellow soldiers.

After a tense few seconds nothing happens and Rogers uncurls himself on the ground. "Is this a test?" he asks. Tucci smiles and Jones looks surprised for a beat, then turns to Tucci and says, "He's still skinny."

As Erskine prepares Rogers to receive the serum, he warns him not to let it change the man he is; not just a soldier, but a good man.

Post-serum injection, Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter tells us a little about Hydra, calling it "the Nazi deep science division."

The rest of the trailer plays out more in quick cuts, with small moments between Chris Evans and Dominic Cooper's Howard Stark (Evans has some ideas about the uniform, apparently), some voice-over of Hugo Weaving's Red Skull saying "We are very much alike", Tommy Lee Jones promoting Evans, a badass shot of Cap and The Howling Commandos running along the top of a moving train in snowy mountains, some Hydra tech, Peggy Carter blasting down a hallway with a machine gun, Cap throwing his shied at camera and a little moment of Skull asking Cap "What makes you so special?" He replies, "Nothin'. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn."

It's a great second trailer. I think the first one was cut a little sharper, introduced the world better, but this second trailer is meant to flesh that world out a little before we see the flick."

It is believed that this new Captain America: The First Avenger trailer will be released online sometime next week.