This March, Marvel Comics will release a prequel to the upcoming Phase Two adventure Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This tie-in to the cinematic universe will take place shortly after the events seen in Marvel's The Avengers, and follows Black Widow and Steve Rogers as they head back to Steve's old Brooklyn stomping grounds. Written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Tom Grummett, Captain America: Homecoming will focus on a deadly terrorist attack.

Captain America Homecoming Comic Book Tie-In 2
Captain America Homecoming Comic Book Tie-In
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Captain America Homecoming Comic Book Tie-In 3
Captain America Homecoming Comic Book Tie-In 4
Captain America Homecoming Comic Book Tie-In 5
Captain America Homecoming Comic Book Tie-In 6

Fred Van Lente revealed more about the comic in a recent interview with Newsrama.

"In this story, Steve Rogers takes Natasha to the Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up. A lot has changed there since Steve was a kid in the 1930s, but the walk down memory lane is interrupted when a terrorist strike happens while they're there. The question of whether it happens because they were there or not is a question readers will have to wait until they read the issue to find out.

I can't really be more specific without spoiling it. What form [the terrorists] take is the big reveal of the story."

This mysterious villain (or villains) is someone that has never before appeared in a comic book. Fred Van Lente also teased the romance between Steve and Natasha.

"They're co-workers; both are S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and have been working for Nick Fury for some time. They have a fun kind of relationship, and it's sort of different than in the comics. In the comics Black Widow was an old timer from the cold war, but the modern Black Widow from the Marvel movies - played by Scarlett Johannes - is more recent. So here, it's fun to play off the age difference between Natasha and Steve, and see her needle him for his age."

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