Captain America: The First Avenger will not be a movie completely devoid of humor. As we /captain-america-gets-new-song-from-alan-menken/learned in early February, Oscar nominated musician Alan Menken has penned a new song for this Marvel adventure, which will be used in a scene where Steve Rogers has to perform as part of the Army's USO tour.

Star Chris Evans recently chatted about this scene in particular, revelaing that while it is a very catchy song, he didn't actually sing it himself. He went onto reveal that the song actually brings some much-needed comic relief to this action-heavy endevor.

Here is what Chris Evans said.

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"There is a Captain America song, but I don't sing it. Initially in the film, when he becomes Captain America, long story short the serum is destroyed and they can't reproduce the experiment so I'm the only super soldier there is. The U.S. government won't allow me to go to war because it's too risky and they can't afford to lose me, but they use me as a propaganda tool and they send me on a USO Tour. So there's a whole Captain America song, and they try to make him a little bit of a celebrity to try and sell bonds. There is a Captain America song, and there was a week of shooting, and I had that song in my head. I couldn't stop humming it! It was so annoying. But it's a funny sequence actually."

Chris Evans also talked about traversing the different timelines between Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers.

"Yeah, at least there's some meat on the bone. You want to play a character that has conflict - that's what makes a character appealing to an actor, getting to find an arc and a reason, something to chew on. And that's a lot. If you woke up one day and it was 50, 60 years in the future and everyone you knew had passed away and the entire world around you is different - you don't have a friend, you don't know anybody, you don't know anything - that'd be a lot to take in. It's exciting as an actor to try and tackle that."

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange