Wrestling superstar Paul Wight is open to bringing back Captain Insano, the fictional pro wrestler he portrayed in The Waterboy. Formerly known as the Big Show in WWE, Wight made the switch to the competing wrestling organization All Elite Wrestling (AEW) back in February. Now going by his real name, Wight's AEW contract will include the occasional match in addition to working as a commentator.

Speaking on the latest developments of his wrestling career on AEW star Miro's YouTube channel, Wight revealed that Captain Insano "might be coming around again." As it turns out, AEW: All Elite Wrestling head honcho Tony Khan is actively pursuing the rights to use The Waterboy character. So as long as Khan and AEW get the necessary legal permissions to use the gimmick, Wight says he's totally on board to resurrect Captain Insano for an AEW run. From the interview:

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"Well, here's the thing, Tony Khan is really good friends with Frank, one of the writers or creators of [The] Waterboy. The Captain Insano character, I think Tony's trying real hard to get the rights to that and do something with it. I told Tony, 'If you get Captain Insano, I will rock the ever-loving tits off it.' Man, I'll get the red boots and the whole nine yards. 'Captain Insano shows no mercy, brother!' I'll have fun with it. That's one of the ones that would be a great, fun gig and break out Captain Insano every now and then."

Wight is likely referring to Frank Coraci, the director of The Waterboy, as the friend of Khan who can help AEW secure the rights to Captain Insano. In any case, Wight revealed how even Hulk Hogan saw money in the Captain Insano gimmick many years ago, as revealed in another recent interview with Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast. In fact, Wight feels that Hogan's similar American-themed parody character Mr. America was probably based on the Captain Insano design.

"You know what's funny? When I did The Waterboy years ago, Hogan actually goes 'Brother, you should get back into that, that gimmick is money. Captain Insano, that's money brother.' I think the whole reason he did Mr. America is because he was infatuated with Captain Insano."

In The Waterboy, Captain Insano is depicted as the favorite pro wrestler of Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler). Bobby calls Captain Insano in one particularly memorable scene to offer his services as his personal waterboy. The wrestler initially believes the caller to be a child, only to begin laughing uncontrollably with the wrestling announcer when Bobby reveals that he is actually 31 years old. In another scene, Bobby gives another football player a WWE-style eye poke before delivering the line, "Captain Insano shows no mercy."

Wight can be seen on AEW programming on TNT as well as the company's YouTube series AEW Dark: Elevation. If we're lucky, we'll soon see him back in the American tights once again as Captain Insano, reprising his iconic role from The Waterboy. You can check out the full interview with Wight and Miro on YouTube.