A new fan-made petition is calling Brie Larson to step down as Carol Danvers before Captain Marvel 2 begins production. The creators of the petition want Larson to step up and prove that she is a true "ally of social justice." This is just one of many petitions that have been started over the past few years to get some attention, usually from a negative standpoint. It happened just last summer with Game of Thrones fans who were upset with the final season of the hit HBO series and petitioned to have the network hire a new team of writers to redo it.

The latest Captain Marvel petition, titled "Demand Captain Marvel is Played By a Woman of Color, Not Brie Larson!," has a goal of 30,000 signatures and already has north of 28,000. Marvel Studios has received, or been aware, of these petitions more than once as certain factions of the fandom take offense to certain things. One thing that some of these fans took offense to was the casting of Larson. Now, they have a petition to remove her before production on Captain Marvel 2 begins. You can read the petition's mission statement below.

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"We need Brie Larson to step down from her role to prove she is an ally of social justice and ensure a gay woman of color plays the role. Let Monica, the original female & BLACK Captain Marvel instead of white-washing characters for the benefit of the straight, white men running Disney."

Brie Larson is used to this type of trolling and has been ever since she was hired to star in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. She has been criticized for not smiling enough, which she then turned around and trolled the trolls with. She has also been called out for being too much of a "social justice warrior" by some of these more negative fans. The latest petition goes on to call out the actress for only donating to The Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation.

These upset Marvel fans are referring to Monica Rambeau, who is really the first female version of the Captain Marvel character. Rambeau first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1982. However, as cool as that would have been, that is not the version Kevin Feige and his crew went with. They chose Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson instead to go with the more familiar version of the comic book character.

As for Brie Larson and Marvel Studios, they are currently gearing up for production on a Captain Marvel sequel. It was just announced that Megan McDonnell is penning the sequel's script and it is rumored that the movie will be hitting theaters a lot sooner than originally thought. If these rumors end up being true, we will see Carol Danvers back on the big screen in 2022, which is only a few years away. You can check out the latest petition over at The Petition Site.