After a very long wait, the Captain Marvel trailer finally debuted online today and people are freaking out about it. Chief among those freaking out about it is star Brie Larson, who becomes the Marvel Cinematic Universe's newest hero when the movie arrives in theaters next year. That means, amongst many other things, that she's getting her very own action figure. Images of the figure recently started floating around online and, as excited as she is about it, Brie Larson has some questions.

Marvel action figures quite often come with accessories and other such accompaniments that help flesh out the character being depicted. What would a Luke Skywalker action figure be without a lightsaber? The Captain Marvel action figure looks quite a bit like Brie Larson's Carol Danvers from the trailer, but the accessories listed raised her eyebrow. Specifically, the figure comes with an extra head and extra hands. Here's what Larson had to say about it on Twitter.

"What's the additional head? @MarvelStudios"

The Oscar-winner decided to go straight to the source by tagging the official Marvel Studios account. In all actuality, Brie Larson is probably just having fun here. For one, she probably knows what's going on with the action figure. Second, as revealed in the Captain Marvel trailer, we're going to see Captain Marvel sporting a sweet helmet and her even sweeter mohawk. Almost undoubtedly, this second head will incorporate that look. That alone could make the figure worth purchasing. Who doesn't want to see this most powerful superhero rocking a mohawk? In any case, the actress seems quite happy with the fact that she's part of the MCU now. In another tweet, Larson expressed her excitement, while also sharing the movie's official poster.

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"Look Mom, I'm a superhero. #CaptainMarvel"

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the hero's cat Chewie in the bottom right-hand corner of the poster. Maybe the Captain Marvel action figure will also come with the lovable pet as an accessory? It's certainly an exciting day for Marvel fans. The trailer takes the MCU back to the 90s and gives us a look at this world long before the events of Iron Man. That includes a young Nick Fury and Agent Coulson. There's a whole lot to be pumped up about.

It isn't quite clear when we can get our hands on this action figure. What we know for sure is that Captain Marvel, which comes from directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, is set to hit theaters on March 6, 2019. That puts it out just ahead of Avengers 4 and, as we saw in the post-credit scene in Infinity War, Carol Danvers is set to play an important part in the follow-up to this year's massive event. The MCU's new hero is going to help get revenge on Thanos for his deadly finger snap. So you may want to pick up a Mad Titan action figure when the time comes as well. You can check out the post from Brie Larson's Twitter account for yourself below.

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