Earlier this week, we reported that Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson has emerged as Marvel's top choice to play Carol Danvers in the studio's upcoming Phase Three movie Captain Marvel, which has been set for release on March 8, 2019. Her casting hasn't been confirmed at this time, but we've already gotten a potential glimpse at what the actress may look like in the Captain Marvel costume. While we wait for Marvel to confirm this news, one of the MCU's biggest stars, Chris Evans, recently revealed what he thinks about the potential casting.

Chris Evans was joined by Captain America: Civil War co-stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan for a panel at Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend, where the panel's moderator asked what the actors thought about Brie Larson's potential casting. Chris Evans was extremely enthusiastic about Brie Larson possibly joining the MCU, teasing that he really hopes her deal comes together. Here's what the actor had to say, courtesy of a YouTube video from the panel.

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"I just heard about that. I really hope that happens! I love Brie Larson. We did a movie together back in '09, Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I cannot say enough about Brie Larson. I think she's phenomenal, and I really hope that happens."

Anthony Mackie then joked that he thinks Marvel should "go outside the box and cast a dude as Carol Danvers, which was met with a smattering of boos from the audience. Our report from earlier this week revealed that the actress was leaning towards taking the role, but it isn't known how far along negotiations are. While we are still nearly three years from the Captain Marvel movie hitting theaters, there have been reports that casting was done this early so they could introduce this character in other Marvel sequels.

During an event at the Smithsonian Institute last month, Infinity War directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo let it slip that Captain Marvel will be included in that Avengers sequel, although they quickly tried to backtrack from their joint statement. Production is set to begin on Infinity War, which we reported earlier today may simply be called Avengers 3 and Avengers 4, this November with a nine-month shoot where both movies will be shot back-to-back. As for Captain Marvel, Kevin Feige teased that both the movie's star and director will be announced sometime this summer, so stay tuned for more updates.