Annette Bening finally revealed who she is playing in the highly anticipated Captain Marvel. When Bening first joined the cast of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project back in May, there were rumors floating around that she was playing Carol Danvers' mother. However, those rumors have been proven to be false in the latest clip of the movie, which Bening introduced on The Late Show to Stephen Colbert. It appears that Colbert has already seen Captain Marvel and wanted Bening to share a lot more for the fans.

Annette Bening is playing the Supreme Intelligence in Captain Marvel and she is clearly excited about her role in the MCU. The actress is playing "a god-like entity," which is normally a giant computer in the comic books. Bening can be seen in the latest clip wearing a combat suit and talking to Danvers before Carol takes on the Captain Marvel name, preparing her for battle. Bening went on and had this to say about her character.

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"The (Supreme Intelligence is the) leader of theKree people, the artificial intelligence which consists of the greatest intellects of the Kree people for the last million years."

The super brief clip from Captain Marvel doesn't give anything else away that we didn't know already. However, Annette Bening's The Supreme Intelligence does comment on Carol Danvers' weak point, which stems from her emotions tied to her past. This will factor in greatly with the character learning to use and harness her powers, while trying to strip away the hothead reputation that she has. Jude Law, who officially plays Yon-Rogg, has commented on this aspect of Brie Larson's Danvers while promoting the movie.

Along with everything else about Captain Marvel that has been revealed in the past week, it appears that there is a lot more going on under the surface than these secret and mysterious roles. Stephen Colbert tried to get Annette Bening to share more, but she could not, though she did indicate that she had to get flown to a top secret location in the middle of the night to shoot a scene, which obviously she could not talk about. With that being said, Bening clearly enjoyed her time with the MCU and called it a lot of "fun."

While joining the MCU for Captain Marvel was a great time for Annette Bening, she did reveal that she found the script to be confusing at first and says that she had to enlist the help of her children to get an explanation of what was going on. Thankfully, Bening's children were able to fill her in and prepare her for the role. Another thing that is evident while watching the interview with Bening is that the level of secrecy involved in making a movie like Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame was not as high on Captain Marvel. For example, Bening was given the entire script to read, not just the parts that she is in, whereas the actors in the Avengers projects are only given pieces of a script. You can check out the interview and clip below, thanks to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert YouTube channel. The clip begins at the 3:40 mark.