MCU lead Brie Larson took to Twitter to celebrate the four-year anniversary of becoming Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. The actress shared a series of photos harkening back to her early days with the character, and posted the following message for fans.

"Looking back at photos. It's been the privilege of a lifetime to be your captain marvel. Can't believe this all started at ComicCon 4 years ago today."
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The photos feature Brie Larson getting fitted out with Captain Marvel's costume, posing with the creative team behind her first solo movie in the MCU, a coat of arms from the set of the film bearing her real name, and Captain Marvel merchandise. The twitter handle for Marvel Studios responded to Larson tweet with "Higher, faster, further", which is a phrase frequently associated with Captain Marvel in the comics.

As [email protected] continues, other fans were also quick to congratulate Larson on the anniversary, posting pictures of themselves with Captain Marvel memorabilia and reminiscing about the impact that the character of the superheroine had on them. In 2019, Captain Marvel became the first superhero movie led by a female character to make more than a billion dollars at the box-office, beating out Wonder Woman and Black Widow for the honor, with the latter still not having received a solo movie at that point. In the past, Larson has spoken about the sense of responsibility she feels living up to the title of the MCU's first solo female superhero lead.

"I feel a great responsibility. I have so many conversations with fans about the universe and this character in particular. I'm grateful for social media for that, actually - it's such a great way to connect with people, to understand what it is they love about this character, what it is they hope to see. Where this character's at in the comic books is such an inspiring space, right now. I'm so grateful to be part of it."

Set in the seventies, Captain Marvel told the tale of Carol Danvers, a fighter pilot who is infected with alien energy that turns her into a human-Kree hybrid and imbues her with power that she does not realize she has. After living on the Kree homeworld for years with no memory of her past life, Danvers returns to Earth and begins a journey of self-discovery, culminating in her taking on the mantle of intergalactic superhero Captain Marvel, in the process giving a young Nick Fury the idea to assemble a team of superpowered individuals to deal with threats too great for humanity or any single superhero.

Larson reprised her role as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame, where she was instrumental in bringing down lark chunks of Thanos's fleet of spaceships, and also single-handedly wrecked the Mad Titan until he resorted to using the infinity gems.

Now, the actress is gearing up to begin work on the next solo Captain Marvel film, which will further expand her roster of supporting cast by introducing characters like Kamal Khan aka Miss Marvel, and the space arm of Nick fury's SHIELD organization, known as SWORD. Written by Megan McDonnell and starring Brie Larson, Captain Marvel 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on July 8, 2022.

Neeraj Chand