Dwayne Johnson is currently doing the press rounds for his upcoming action-adventure Fast Five. He recently hinted about taking on the role of Black Adam in the proposed Captain Marvel adventure. While it doesn't seem that this project is moving forward, Dwayne Johnson remains optimistic that it might happen some day.

"I haven't let it go. I love that idea. I've always loved the idea of playing Black Adam. In Hollywood, a lot of times when something is in development, it just takes a lot of time. So it's in development hell right now. Who knows what's going to happen with that. Maybe, maybe not - I'm always here."
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Captain Marvel, who was later known as Shazam after a lawsuit by Marvel Comics, is the alter-ego of Billy Baston, a young radio reporter who is chosen by the wizard Shazam to fight off evil-doers. Every time he says the name Shazam, he is struck by a bolt of lightning that gives him super powers. Black Adam is one of his enemies.

We reported back in November that Dwayne Johnson was considered a candidate to play Superman for director Zack Snyder, long before Henry Cavill won the part. The actor recently cleared the air on the rumor, indicating he never was up for the role.

"I love Zack [Snyder], [and] we talked about working together. But no, I never got a call for [the Superman reboot]."