The Captain Marvel promotional tour is in full swing and the studio is even letting Goose the Cat in on some of the fun. Marvel Studios held a press conference for the upcoming Carol Danvers standalone movie and during that time, Goose was given his own live stream where Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were able to watch him play with some laser pointers and even get some love from human co-star and Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Goose the Cat has been getting quite the reputation now that early reactions to Captain Marvel have gone live. In real-life, Goose is just a normal cat who likes to sleep, eat, and play, just like most felines. However, it appears that Goose is going to be a little bit different from his real-life cat friends. In the Captain Marvel comics, Goose is an extra strong alien who can rip enemies to shreds and there have been some whispers the cat being a pretty big badass.

In addition to being more than a cat in the Captain Marvel comics, he also had a different name. In the comics, he goes by Chewie, but directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck decided that they needed to change it up. As it turns out, the directors felt that the reference was too much for the Carol Danvers standalone movie, so they changed it to Goose. Fleck explains.

"It wasn't a big thing. It just felt like Star Wars was so part of the culture that, it just felt like we wanted to remove it a little bit, you know, the nostalgia for the Star Wars movies which there are so many of around us. You know, when we were kids, Star Wars felt like it was something from the 70s and 80s, and I think that was the spirit of Chewie from the comics but we felt like we wanted to sort of just slide away from that slightly."
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Instead of the Star Wars route, Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden went with a Top Gun reference instead. Goose is the name of Maverick's best friend and co-pilot in the movie, so it makes sense that Captain Marvel would get her own Goose. Let's just hope this one fares better than his big screen namesake. Boden had this to say.

"Yeah, and just the idea of having a reference that would have been so specific to Carol Danvers' past, as her past in the movie itself being a pilot in the 1980s when Top Gun was out and having a reference that felt a little bit more specific to her, whereas Chewie, when the comics were being written was a very specific reference in time but now with all the movies out it feels more contemporary and not so specific to her past."

Captain Marvel opens in theaters on March 8th and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are ready to see what Carol Danvers can do since she has been hyped up so much. However, it looks like the hype for Goose the Cat keeps growing too, and he might just over shadow his human co-star in the coming weeks. You can watch the entire Goose live stream below, thanks to the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick