It's no secret that Nick Fury loses his eye in Captain Marvel. But, there are SPOILERS for the movie below, so if you don't want to know what happens, it's best to turn around now. In the early comics, Fury loses his eye in World War II from a grenade blast, which gave way to the iconic eyepatch look. Later in the Ultimate comics, it was changed to the Gulf War. Fury's origin story has changed once again for the big screen.

After Nick Fury and Carol Danvers team up in Captain Marvel, they head out to find the archives of Project Pegasus, which is where we're introduced to Goose the Cat for the first time. Fury immediately takes a liking to Goose and can be seen meowing in baby talk to the feline. However, as we later find out, Goose is not an ordinary house cat. Instead, he is a very dangerous alien called a Flerken. As the movie progresses, Goose and Fury become good friends.

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Goose's tentacles turn out to be a great weapon for Nick Fury and he uses them when he can. The Skrulls are deeply afraid of Goose, but Fury and the alien have a different type of relationship, which is built on trust. Throughout Captain Marvel, there are running gags that tease the loss of Fury's eye, but when it comes down to it, we all saw it coming: Goose is responsible for the loss of the eye. We all predicted this months ago, though it seems that the cat wasn't into the way it was being held and scratched Fury across the eye, which later gets infected, instead of hating Fury throughout the movie.

While some MCU fans may be disappointed in the rather cute and comical way that Nick Fury loses his eye in Captain Marvel, it does tie back to a specific line in Captain America: Winter Soldier, where Fury says, "The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye." That somebody was Goose, and that's a pretty good tie in to the rest of the MCU. It's a shame that Fury trusted Goose so much, but they end up being friends regardless, even after Agent Coulson brings Fury a box of glass eyes to choose from.

Early Captain Marvel toy leaks featured the Nick Fury action figure packaged with a muzzled and shackled Goose the Cat, which led everybody to believe that Goose was going to be the reason that Fury lost his eye. As it turns out, the restraints were used for an entirely different reason that has nothing to do with Fury. Now that the MCU has recognized the eyeball loss, it's time to see where Fury goes in the future. Will he be in Avengers: Endgame? That's a mystery at this point in time, but we sure hope so. Captain Marvel is currently in theaters and you can get ticket and theater information over at Marvel.