Captain Marvel is currently filming in and around the Los Angeles area, but a new report indicates that the production will change locations and move over to New Orleans at the end of next month. Louisiana is a common place to film, but it is also where Marvel character Monica Rambeau is from, which has sent the rumors of her appearance in Captain Marvel shift into overdrive. Adding to the speculation is that Lashana Lynch was cast in a mysterious role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie after DeWanda Wise had to leave due to scheduling conflicts.

The new report about Captain Marvel traveling to New Orleans to film was first reported by Omega Underground. According to the report, filming will commence on the 26th of June in the area. Did the production move to New Orleans to add Monica Rambeau? She's an important character in Marvel Comics and was even Captain Marvel for a brief time. She has also been known as Photon and Spectrum in addition to being a member of the Avengers.

As with all MCU projects, Captain Marvel is being kept tightly under wraps. It's actually pretty amazing that so many pictures from the set have leaked online. However, none of those leaked images have given anything away about the plot of the film. We've seen Samuel L. Jackson as the young Nick Fury interacting with Brie Larson's Carol Danvers and some indicators of the timeline of the movie, but that's about it. Now that the production of Captain Marvel is moving to New Orleans, we may finally get proof that Monica Rambeau will make her MCU debut.

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Captain Marvel has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated MCU movies, especially after some inside sources claimed that the movie will completely change the superhero genre. Additionally, Marvel fans are excited to see how Carol Danvers will fit into the storyline of the upcoming Avengers 4. Infinity War screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus have stated that Captain Marvel as well as Ant-Man 2 will have substantial connections to the still untitled Avengers 4. What that means, we still don't know, but they are the authority on the subject, so it should be trusted.

Captain Marvel is already hyped, but the addition of Monica Rambeau will get a lot of hardcore Marvel Comics fans excited. Plus, her would point to the future of the MCU and potentially start another spin-off in phase 4. The possibilities are endless and the MCU can't really miss at this point in time. It's important to note that while production of Captain Marvel is moving to New Orleans at the end of June, it does not officially confirm that Monica Rambeau will be on board. However, it does certainly make a lot of sense. You can read the original report about the production location change over at Omega Underground.