A new Captain Marvel tie-in novel confirms that Jude Law is playing Star Force Commander Yon-Rogg in the movie. When Law was officially cast in the upcoming adventure, many assumed that he was playing Mar-Vell, which was put into doubt when some merchandise leaks hit the internet. The actor always played coy when asked about the subject and would neither confirm, nor deny that he was playing Mar-Vell, which only made things more mysterious. However, some action figure leaks and a synopsis on the Disney website suggested that he was actually playing Yon-Rogg.

After Disney's official website revealed that Jude Law was playing Yon-Rogg, it was quickly removed and replaced with something more vague. Promotional material for Captain Marvel has been very careful not to spoil anything for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, which makes this new tie-in book so curious. Starforce on the Rise, by Steve Behling reveals that Law is playing Star Force Commander Yon-Rogg, who is one of the Kree's most senior military commanders. He is working on a secret plan with an elite strike-team.

Yon-Rogg's elite strike team includes Vers, aka Carol Danvers, who is considered to be the most powerful member by the Star Force Commander. It seems strange that Marvel Studios would go through all of the secrecy, only to reveal Yon-Rogg weeks before Captain Marvel hits theaters. However, the reasoning may have been because comic book fans would have known right off the bat that Jude Law's character is one of Carol Danvers' biggest enemies. Whatever the case may be, this is also Marvel Studios that we're talking about here, which means that we're going to be in for some more surprises.

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With this new information, it clearly looks as if the Kree aren't the noble heroes that Carol Danvers' initially thought, which will end up as a pretty big twist. However, since we know this now, there's more than likely going to be some other big twist. We all know that Goose the Cat supposedly steals the show, according to advance screenings, which probably means that we will see the feline's true alien form, but that can't be the big twist that Captain Marvel will have going on.

Marvel Studios are masters of secrecy, so the big Yon-Rogg reveal could be a misdirect to throw us off the scent of something much larger. Obviously, this is all speculation at this point, except for the fact that Jude Law is playing Yon-Rogg. We won't really figure out what's going on until the movie hits theaters on March 8th, which is now less than a month away. In addition to the Captain Marvel hype on its own, MCU fans are curious to see how the character will fit and be introduced in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, so hopefully we get a hint when the movie opens in a few weeks. You can head over to Disney to buy Starforce on the Rise.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick