Any comic book character that is well established will go through a number of different costumes, hairstyles and other looks throughout the years, and Captain Marvel is no different. With the stand alone Captain Marvel movie coming in just over two years, starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, it might be quite some time before we see the official Captain Marvel costume, but fans don't want to wait that long. While promoting her upcoming thriller Kong: Skull Island, Brie Larson was asked whether or not her iconic character Carol Danvers will be sporting a mohawk or not.

While Captain Marvel doesn't even have a director yet, it is believed that Brie Larson was cast so early so she could make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the highly-anticipated Avenger: Infinity War, which recently started production. Still, the script is being worked on by Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out), and it will likely be quite awhile before we have any concrete details about the story. IGN caught up with Brie Larson while doing press for Kong: Skull Island, where she was asked if Captain Marvel will be sporting her iconic mohawk.

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"I can't say anything. I feel like this is a big conversation and everyday I have people yelling at me on Twitter like you better have long hair, or you better have a mohawk, or you better wear the helmet, or you better not wear the helmet, so someone's going to be mad."

You may recall that, back in August, celebrated artist BossLogic debuted new artwork that depicted Brie Larson as Carol Danvers with the iconic blonde mohawk. That wasn't officially commissioned by Marvel by any means, but it does give us some idea of what she may look like in that costume with the mohawk, should the studio choose that particular look. When asked what about Carol Danvers inspires her, Brie Larson had this to say.

"I find its really hard for me to condense what she means to me. I was once a young girl and I was confused by what a hero was and what I wanted to be when I grow up and what was important to me. And so, I think its so complicated growing up and to attempt to become a symbol of truth and navigating through all the weird questions of growing up feels so, I'm getting emotional just talking about this, it feels so important to me. When it comes to her, I mean just the fact that she can be a bridge between two worlds, that she can go between Earth and space and that her own personal place is in this little area between where Earth ends and space begins and that's only hers is so moving to me. I'm just inspired. I've been so inspired just going through all the comics."

The most recent unconfirmed rumor about Captain Marvel surfaced last week, when Samuel L. Jackson hinted that his iconic character Nick Fury would make an appearance in Captain Marvel. The actor only has two more movies left on his contract, with one of them being Avengers: Infinity War, but it's also possible that he could renew his deal with Marvel and come back for more movies. Regardless, with more than two years left before Captain Marvel hits theateres on March 8, 2019, there is still plenty of time to find out more about this important movie, which will mark the first time that the MCU has debuted a female-lead movie.