Captain Marvel, the upcoming Marvel movie starring Brie Larson, is about to get a tie into Marvel's Ant-Man. It has been relatively quiet on the Captain Marvel news front lately. We are not sure what the major plot points are going to be and we definitively don't know how Carol Danvers will obtain her superpowers in the movie, which is understandable because the movie is still a year half from being officially released. But we do know that production is expected to start sometime in February of 2018 and that it will be an origin story that differs from the original comics. We now also know that Captain Marvel will be linked to Ant-Man through the Quantum Realm.

Dr. Spiros Michalakis is a quantum physicist at the California Institute of Technology and he recently sat down for an interview with Inverse to discuss his role in working with Marvel Comics as a consult on Ant-Man. In the interview Dr. Michalakis lets it slip that Captain Marvel will utilize the Quantum Realm and that the exploration of the Realm will be the key to a "better understanding of Carol Danvers and her place in the MCU." Dr. Michalakis goes on to say this about the Captain Marvel movie and its ties to other MCU projects.

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"This is exciting for the future. There are different ways that some of these ideas appear on-screen in a few years. Not just for Ant-Man, but also for Captain Marvel and all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

The Quantum Realm (or Microverse as it's known in the comics) is the sub-atomic dimension that Scott Lang (Ant-Man) goes to when he shrinks down to a very dangerous level to rescue his daughter from Yellowjacket. The concept of the Quantum Realm was further explored and explained in Marvels' Dr. Strange, as the Sorcerer Supreme gained knowledge about the multiverse for the very first time. When shrunken down that small, space-time is meaningless through mystical transportation.

In the comics, Captain Marvel spends a lot of her time keeping a watchful eye on the galaxy and her powers are cosmic-based. We do know that the movie will differ quite a bit from the original comics, but we do not know the extent of the liberties that directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will take. Regardless, fans have been asking for a Captain Marvel movie for a long time, so it will be very interesting to see where the Quantum Realm is introduced to Carol Danvers and whether the fans embrace the new origin for her.

As previously mentioned, Captain Marvel will be an origin story, which is expected to start production in February of 2018. The movie will follow DC's Wonder Woman and expectations will be high and comparisons will definitely be made between the two rival studios and their first foray into the female-lead super heroine movie. Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve are currently writing the movie and the pair, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck who wrote and directed the acclaimed Sugar in 2008, will direct Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is set to be released March 8th, 2019.