The first official look at Marvel's Skrulls in Captain Marvel have arrived. Marvel Studios caused a ruckus at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend by showing off some concept art for Captain Marvel, specifically a really cool look at what we can expect the villainous Skrulls to look like on the big screen. In addition, we got our first look at Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson for the first time as Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel in a standalone shot, as well as a few pictures of her fighting the Skrulls.

As it turns out, the artist behind the Captain Marvel and Skrulls concept art did not know it was going to be shown at Comic-Con. When he first saw his Skrulls on the internet, he immediately thought that there was a leak of some sort. The artist, Jerad S. Marantz, soon found out that his art was officially shown at the convention, relieving his stress. The art was then shared via Jerad Marantz's Instagram and they are the same images that were shown at Comic-Con, but actual photos this time and not pictures of the giant screens at Hall H.

Marantz said that he was "honored" to wake up and see that his designs were shown by Marvel and Disney. The artist also said that he worked on the designs "in-house at Marvel" with Andy Park, who is apparently responsible for the Carol Danvers concept art. The pictures of the Skrulls reveal an even closer look at a design that is remarkably close to the original comic books and the video game adaptations that have popped up over the years. Marantz specifically mentions the Super-Skrull in his post, a character that is known to have the combined powers of the Fantastic Four. The most famous Super-Skrull is Kl'rt, who may be under license from FOX, but it is unclear at this time. James Gunn has said in the past that "some specific Skrulls are at FOX."

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The Skrulls first appeared in the Fantastic Four #2 and they were created by Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics. The Skrulls are separated into three branches: the Prime, the Deviants, and the Eternals. Eventually all three branches warred against each other, and the Deviant branch won, due to their ability to shape shift. The Deviants wiped out all of the other races until only two were left, Skrull Eternal and Prime Skrull. It is not clear at this time if this will be the final design in the finished product, but one would imagine that the Skrulls will look pretty close to Marantz's concept art. It isn't clear yet if any of these plot points will be used in Captain Marvel, a movie that is confirmed to take place in the 1990s, the first Marvel period piece since the WWII set Captain America, not counting the TV show Agent Carter.

Also shown at the Marvel Studios panel was some concept art featuring Samuel L. Jackson as a young Nick Fury, but those pictures have yet to surface online yet. The information about the young Nick Fury was exciting for two reasons, the first being that it was the first official announcement that Jackson would be in Captain Marvel and two, it showed young Nick Fury without an eye patch. Since it has been confirmed that we will not get our first look at Brie Larson's Carol Danver in Avengers: Infinity War, we'll have to wait until March 8th, 2019 to see Captain Marvel in action. Until then check out the Skrulls concept art courtesy of Jerad S. Marantz below.

Kevin Burwick