Captain Marvel is still in production, but a new report suggests that the teaser trailer is already done and could premiere as early as next week. The timing seems to be right since we saw the Black Panther teaser in June of 2017 ahead of the February 2018 release date. We even saw plenty of Ant-Man 2 promotional material well before Infinity War hit theaters. This new report looks to be right on schedule in terms of what Marvel Studios has done in the past. However, we could see a shakeup or change of pace for the promotion of Captain Marvel, sending fans into a surprise or even a waiting game.

According to MCU Cosmic, the teaser trailer for Captain Marvel has been finished for quite some time and is currently traveling through the "Disney marketing machine." The report claims to have knowledge of the situation through close ties to Marvel Studios. Additionally, some have doubted the report stating that the special effects can't be complete at this time. But, report goes on to state that Marvel Studios does their special effects as they are working on the project, instead of waiting to finish everything in post-production.

Many assumed that we would get a sneak peek at Captain Marvel next month during San Diego Comic Con, but Marvel has announced that they will not have a panel this year. With that being said, we could very well see the teaser trailer could end up in front of Ant-Man 2 on July 6th. MCU Cosmic says that they expect the Captain Marvel teaser to drop at CineEurope, which is the movie exhibitor event taking place in Barcelona early next week.

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If the Captain Marvel teaser trailer does drop next week at CineEurope, it will probably be for those lucky enough to be in attendance only. It's highly likely that someone could sneak some footage with a cell phone and leak it online, much like the Infinity War footage that was shown off at the D23 Expo and San Diego Comic Con last summer. Taking all of this into consideration, it seems like a safe bet that the Captain Marvel teaser will show up online officially a few days before the release of Ant-Man 2.

It's entirely possible that this report about the Captain Marvel teaser could be false, but as far as the timeline is concerned, it seems that some footage will be released pretty soon. Marvel Studios has been known to throw some curveballs, so we could end up with a surprise trailer very soon, or at the very least, some official images from the set. There have been plenty of leaked images from the set of Captain Marvel, but we have yet to see anything official from Marvel. If the report is to be believed, we'll all know soon enough, possibly next week. Until then, you can read the original report over at MCU Cosmic.

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