Brie Larson has shared her first screen test photos from Captain Marvel. The actress has been on a bit of a social media roll over the past few months. Images of her subbing for Jimmy Kimmel and pretending to choke out her DC rival Gal Gadot at the Academy Awards have all gone viral. The Carol Danvers actress has a good time on social media and has no problem sharing that aspect of her life with her devoted fans.

It's unclear when the images of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel were taken, though it looks like the Atlanta set of Infinity War, which would make sense. The photos appear to have been taken on the Vormir set, though that has not been confirmed at this time. The Carol Danvers movie was still well over a year from hitting theaters when these shots were taken. Larson had this to say about that day.

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"Photos from my first camera test in full costume. We were still figuring out what her signature moves would be, and I was still learning how to move in a leather wetsuit. Good times."

While these are the first test photos, Brie Larson looks more than comfortable taking on the role of Captain Marvel. Back before the production started, Larson would show off her workout routine on social media, which revealed just how much hard work she had to put into the role physically. Additionally, she also gave fans a look at her Air Force training at the same time. Throughout her time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actress has given her fans an inside look at what it's like to be wrapped up in that experience.

The test images are great, but MCU fans are dying to know about Captain Marvel 2 and when that production will begin. We all know it's on the way, but the details are being kept under wraps because that's what Marvel Studios does best. For now, fans can only speculate about who will be involved in the sequel and who will end up being the main villain. However, don't expect to see Henry Cavill as Wolverine in the highly anticipated sequel. That particular rumor started to spread last week and has apparently been officially debunked.

Carol Danvers was first teased at the very end of Infinity War when Nick Fury pulled out the old pager to contact her. He turned to dust, but not before sending the message out to Danvers. The pager was later explained in Captain Marvel and was then the key that brought Danvers together with Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Endgame. As for where the character will be going next, that's a big question mark at the moment. Hopefully we'll get some teases in the few months. You can check out the first Captain Marvel screen test photos below, thanks to Brie Larson's Instagram account.