Captain Marvel executive producer Victoria Alonso says online troll backlash "never interfered" with the making of the movie. Alonso also serves as the executive vice president of Marvel Studios and knows all too well about the backlash against the Marvel Cinematic Universe online and the trolls who try to bring the movies down before they even hit theaters. The Carol Danvers standalone movie was thrust under even more scrutiny from trolls as they tore Brie Larson apart along with the so-called feminist agenda of the project.

Victoria Alonso recently took part in a Reddit AMA and was asked about the intense backlash Captain Marvel received before and after the movie hit theaters last year. It's hard these days not to be aware of fan campaigns and petitions as internet communities spread even further than they once did. The rage and negativity seems to spread a lot quicker than the good news. Alonso had this to say about the backlash.

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"We were aware that there were people that were not ready or perhaps not welcoming of the film but it never interfered with the story line or our vision of the film. When you make stories that could potentially touch an international audience, there will always be a portion of the audience that does not 100% love it. But we hope they give us a chance and see the film before they finalize their opinions. There is something for everyone in our films, even if you're a little reluctant to watch."

Captain Marvel may have had some online negativity attached to it, but that did not have an impact on its box office success either. Trolls attempted to review bomb the movie before it hit theaters, leading popular review site Rotten Tomatoes to make some changes to their practices. Even with poor reviews from people who never even saw the movie, it was still able to make over $1 billion at the global box office.

The Captain Marvel backlash even spread on to Avengers: Endgame as certain fans did not want to see Brie Larson's Carol Danvers with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. She was teased quite a bit in the promotional material for the movie, but ultimately, she was not in the epic blockbuster a whole lot. This was intentional as the Russo Brothers needed to put the focus on the original six Avengers and ending their story arc.

Marvel Studios is moving ahead with more Captain Marvel. A sequel is in development and studio boss Kevin Feige has already promised that Carol Danvers has a bright future with the future of the MCU. Online trolls will just have to deal with more Brie Larson in their superhero movies since she will be taking on a Tony Stark-like role, starting in Phase 4 of the MCU. You can head over to Reddit to check out the rest of the AMA with Victoria Alonso.