Captain Phasma was featured prominently in the promotional material for The Force Awakens, but she really didn't play a very big role in the movie at all. But a new Star Wars comic is revealing just how she escaped the Starkiller Base after her fight with Finn and it shows action that we didn't come close to seeing in the movie. The Captain Phasma number one comic will focus on her escape and the events leading up to The Last Jedi. Gwendoline Christie reprises her role as Captain Phasma in the upcoming movie and she has promised that we will get some much-needed information about her backstory. Until then, we can at least see how she made it out of the trash compactor and off of the Starkiller Base.

Lucasfilm works hard to make sure that the Star Wars franchise stays consistent and relevant across many mediums and the new Captain Phasma comic should fill in the gaps between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi for the character. This is a perfect opportunity to tell the Captain Phasma story since the comics have worked so well with filling in gaps for other characters in the past, even getting C-3PO from Return of the Jedi to The Force Awakens. But it appears that this particular comic doesn't check off all of the boxes for Captain Phasma.

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Gizmodo reports that the comic spans roughly six minutes of time. Yes, 6 minutes spread across a whole comic book. The Captain Phasma comic does as advertised since they don't tell you just how long after The Force Awakens that it will go. But, a lot happens in that six minutes, to be fair. First, she gets out of the trash compactor with the aid of the Resistance bombers blowing a huge hole in it. After that, she wipes her security codes to disable the Starkiller Base's shields at Finn's request. Captain Phasma then goes back to see if anybody else has recently accessed the shields so that she can blame them for taking down the shields should the time come, which she does.

Next, Captain Phasma runs through the exploding base trying to hunt down Sol Rivas, who was the last one to access the Base's shields. But everybody is trying to do the exact same thing as her, which is run. She then orders some Stormtroopers to stay on their post, basically killing them with her own hands. As she gets out, she's able to see Rey and Kylo Ren battle it out before commandeering a TIE Fighter with a pilot who was working on it. They obviously get out in the nick of time and it's during this time that the BB-9E is first officially introduced. It's now her mission to hunt down that "traitor" Sol Rivas before he can tell anybody what she did.

As previously mentioned, the new Star Wars comic, Captain Phasma number 1 packs a lot of information into its pages. The comic by Kelly Thompson, Marco Checchetto, Andres Mossa, and Clayton Cowles, is the latest Marvel Star Wars miniseries and part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So, there you have it, Captain Phasma's exciting 6-minute escape from Starkiller Base in super detail.

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