A new trailer for the mysterious sci-fi thriller Captive State starring John Goodman and Vera Farmiga has arrived online. A trailer was also released last month but, so far, it looks like the studio really wants to keep this movie largely under wraps until it's released. There are some strange vibes going on here and, based on this latest tease, it looks like they've thrown a Cloverfield movie and an entry in The Purge franchise in a blender. Done the right way, that could prove to be very entertaining.

The trailer starts by pointing out how strong and well off America is, with a mysterious voice disputing the factuality of these claims. We then see a bunch of quick cuts of disastrous events breaking out, seemingly at the behest of a mysterious, unidentified force. The unknown presence notes "the Phoenix will rise." We're guessing that mysterious force has something to do with the aliens that invaded Earth. But mostly, this trailer seems to be guarding the movie's secrets and it doesn't lay out the plot in a terribly succinct manner. We do get a cool, Cloverfield style shaky cam money shot of a big alien creature at the end though.

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As far as official plot details go, the movie is set in a Chicago neighborhood roughly a decade after an occupation from alien beings. The movie is said to explore the lives on both sides of the conflict, looking at those who choose to collaborate and those who are choosing to rebel. That's pretty vague and seems in line with the trailer. Not to say that this will be as entertaining as a J.J. Abrams-style mystery box sci-fi flick, but it certainly seems to be gunning for that same vibe.

This comes from filmmaker Rupert Wyatt who serves as both writer and director. Wyatt previously helmed Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which kicked off one of the more beloved trilogies of the modern era. Though, Matt Reeves (who coincidentally directed Cloverfield) directed the second two movies. The last feature Wyatt directed was 2014's The Gambler, which wasn't particularly well-received, nor was it a hit by any stretch. That may explain why it's taken him five years to get another movie going. However, he did direct the pilot for Turn: Washington's Spies and an episode of The Exorcist TV series. But he appears to be out of director's jail, as he's set to direct episodes of the upcoming Halo TV series, as well as a movie titled Storm King, which is listed as being in pre-production.

The cast includes John Goodman (who happened to star in 10 Cloverfield Lane) as well as Ashton Sanders, Jonathan Majors, Colson Baker and Vera Farmiga. The movie is set to hit theaters on March 29, 2019. In addition to the new trailer, the studio has also released a new poster, which we have below as well. Be sure to check out the new Captive State trailer from the Focus Features YouTube channel for yourself below.