Last year director Carl Rinsch was set to make his feature directorial debut with an Untitled Alien Prequel before Fox indicated they wanted Rinsch's mentor Ridley Scott to direct the film. Now the young director's new short film has sparked a heated bidding war. Heat Vision Blog is reporting that Rinsch's short film The Gift, which was just released online yesterday, has ignited a bidding war, with Warner Bros. and Fox among the parties interested in turning this short into a feature-length film.

The short was released as a part of an experiment by the electronics company Philips called Parallel Lines, which features five directors making their own different short films, but with each film using the exact same dialogue. Rinsch's The Gift was the first short released in the series. You can take a look at this brand new short film below.

The site speculated that the project could land at Fox, since Rinsch is a part of Ridley Scott's commercial house, RSA, which is set up at Fox.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any developments surrounding this new story.