Are you sad that Lost is going to be ending its run in a couple of years? Do you wish it would go on forever and ever? Well, get over it. There'll be another show around the bend soon.

Apparently, the executive producers of the hit ABC series did a Q&A session with The Hollywood Reporter. This is what they had to say about the show's demise:

"Lost will end in spring 2010 after 48 more hour-long episodes, 16 per season. Lost has to move from asking more questions to answering the questions posed during the series' run."

Obviously, we can't wait to the 48th hour to say, "Here are all the mysteries of the show." Lindelof said. But Cuse also noted the reality of the sometimes vociferous and heavily engaged viewership of the show, which uses the Web to advance theories and post explanations and even freeze-frames to parse further meaning.

"I'm not sure there is any ending that will satisfy everyone," Cuse said. "Our hope is that the ending will be ... the logical conclusion of the story."

So, anyway, don't fret about the loss of the show too much. I have a feeling you might get sick of it by the time it finally goes off the air, if you haven't already.

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