During recent talks with ET, actress Carmen Electra talked about her upcoming role in Scary Movie 4.

"I'm spoofing the movie 'The Village,' and I'm playing the blind girl [originally played by Bryce Dallas Howard]," says Carmen. "One of my favorite parts is when everyone's in the town hall and I come walking in. Of course I'm blind, so I have no idea where I am. I think I'm at home [and start undressing], and within one rip, [my] whole entire dress falls off and I'm left in my corset with the cutest black ruffly panties, garter belt, stockings -- the outfit is ridiculous."

Chris Elliott talked briefly about his role as well where he'll be spoofing Adrian Brody's character from "The Village".

"It's your basic village idiot," explains Chris about his character, "which is, if you've followed my career, pretty much the staple of my characters."