Has the economic crisis put a pinch on your moviegoing pocketbook? If so then Carmike Cinemas has its own stimulus package to offer patrons. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carmike Cinemas has announced its "Stimulus Tuesday's' program that will be launched in all 250 locations and 2,300 screens next week. The theater chain will be selling 16-ounce sodas or 46-ounce popcorns for only $1 apiece on Tuesday's.

The chain said it was the lowest price popcorn and soda will be offered at since the 70s. It is unclear how long this program will run, but it appears that it will be in effect for quite some time.

"While lawmakers in Washington, D.C., continue to debate how to get the American economy back on track, and the rest of us wait for some positive impact on the economy and our pocketbooks, Carmike has an immediate solution that is sure to please our valued patrons and make the movie-going experience more affordable and enjoyable," Carmike director of marketing Dale Hurst said.