Mission: Impossible 3:About.com recently interviewed actress Carrie-Anne Moss, best known for her work as 'Trinity' in the Matrix films, about her upcoming role in the 3rd Mission: Impossible film...

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The girl. The woman.

Do you know anything more?

Oh yeah, I’m just not supposed to really talk too much about the character, but I play the woman.

Did you have meetings with Joe Carnahan before he left?

I sure did. I love Joe. He’s fantastic. I think he’s such a talented director and I can’t wait to work with him one day. He’s just amazing.

How surprising was it when he left?

It was surprising, but things happen. Nothing is really that surprising in Hollywood I think. Just like in any job, I guess.

Do you have a new director yet, maybe J.J. Abrams?

Not that I’ve heard of, so I haven’t heard and just trusting that they will find somebody great.

Did you have any trepidations taking part in another franchise?

Not really. I had said after The Matrix that I would never make an action film again. And then I got offered Mission: Impossible and I just had to say yes. It just felt like the right thing to do, so I think things sort of come your way and you make your choices. It’s very different than Trinity, so I can’t say that I did. I might’ve had a few moments where I was like, “What am I doing, doing another action film?” But life is interesting. Never say never.

Why did you say never?

Because it’s so hard physically. It took me years to physically recover from The Matrix, truly. And I’d like to have my challenges be emotional as an actor. I love that. Make me go there. I’ve gone there physically. I’ve gone there big time. I’ve gone there in a way that most actors will never experience in terms of action. And at the same time, I enjoy it in a way that I didn’t realize that I enjoyed it. As hard as it is, because it’s hard to learn new things, because when you’re doing an action movie, there’s usually something that they’re doing that’s new. I had to learn to ride a motorcycle for The Matrix, I had to learn how to be on the wire.

What are you learning in Mission: Impossible 3?

This time I’m learning some things that I can’t tell you what I’m learning because I’m not allowed to tell you anything. But I’m learning a couple things that I hadn’t learned before. The first few days, you’re like, “Oh, I hate this.” I hate not being good at something. I don’t do anything that I’m not good at right away. I’m not interested in learning how to play tennis because I’m not good at it, so I’m not going to learn it. I’ll just stick with things I do well. But to have to learn something that you’re not good at and go through that being terrible at it and feeling awkward and feeling like you have 20 fingers and dropping things, and then learning it is pretty great to get to the other side. But those few days and not doing too well with it are enough to make you just want to cry.