Breaking news to report as legendary Star Wars star Carrie Fisher has suffered a major heart attack. The actress, perhaps best known to the universe at large as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, went into cardiac arrest on a flight from London to Los Angeles. It is being reported by TMZ that other passengers on board the flight were administering CPR.

It is stated that the heart attack occurred just 15 minutes before the plane was set to land at LAX. A flight attended went through the plane quickly asking if there were any medical personnel on board. An EMT was sitting at the back of the plane. That unidentified individual came up to first class, where they administered live-saving measures on Carrie Fisher.

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The plane carrying Carrie Fisher landed in Los Angeles just a little after noon local time. As soon as Fisher was carried off the plane, paramedics were on scene, and rushed the actress to a nearby hospital. Carrie Fisher, who became famous in the late 70s for playing Princess Leia in the first three Star Wars movies, was on a book tour for her latest autobiography The Princess Diarist. She is believed to have been traveling with an assistant and her dog Gary Fisher, who has become quite popular with fans. The dog is believed to have joined Fisher at the hospital, but that has not been confirmed.

At this time, there is no update on the status of Carrie Fisher's wellbeing. She is said to be in critical condition. The actress is 60 years old. She just recently wrapped her fifth film as Princess Leia, co-starring in Star Wars: Episode VIII. She previously appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where she reprised her legendary character after a 30 year absence from the franchise.

Fisher has been in the news quite a bit lately, as she has heavily promoted her book with the revelation that she once had an on-set affair with co-star Harrison Ford, who plays Han Solo. The affair was said to have only lasted during the duration of that first shoot, which occurred when she was 19 back in 1976.

Carrie Fisher has spent the better part of the last few months in London, where she continued to promote her book. Things will most Lilley be put on hold while she recuperates. It is unclear how soon an update will arrive about Carrie Fisher's well being. We will keep fans posted with any incoming news as it breaks.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange