FX and MGM Television are reportedly partnering back up after the success of Fargo to develop a new limited series adaptation of the Stephen King novel Carrie. Previously adapted for the big screen multiple times, this project will mark the first time a new iteration of the story has been adapted as an ongoing TV series. Because the project is very early into development, details are scarce about who is involved and when the series might make it to air, and neither FX nor MGM TV have yet officially commented.

Plot details have also yet to be officially revealed for the series, though based on its source material, we have a basic idea of the story. In the original novel and film adaptations, Carrie follows telekinetic teenager Carrie White, whose struggles with bullying culminate in the young girl using her abilities to violently lash out against those who had wronged her. There will be some changes, however, as this new version is also reportedly looking to cast "either a trans performer or an actress of color rather than a cis white woman." This would certainly put a new spin on the classic story as it gives the lead character an appearance unlike how she is typically portrayed.

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The first Carrie adaptation came in 1976 from director Brian De Palma. With Sissy Spacek in the titular role, the movie also stars John Travolta, Piper Laurie, P. J. Soles, and Betty Buckley. A tremendous hit both at the box office and with critics, Carrie has since become one of the most well-known horror movies of all time in addition to one of the most well-regarded Stephen King adaptations. Spacek and Laurie were also recognized for their performances with Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominations at the Academy Awards. Needless to say, topping the original Carrie adaptation is going to be incredibly difficult seeing how it is such a beloved 70s horror film.

In 1999, The Rage: Carrie 2 was released, continuing the story of the original movie with Emily Bergl as Carrie's younger half-sister who shares her telekinetic abilities. The sequel also starred Amy Irving, reprising her role as Sue from the original movie, revealing her as the sole survivor of Carrie's prom massacre. A made-for-TV Carrie movie would follow in 2002 on NBC with Angela Bettis in the lead role with Patricia Clarkson as Carrie's mom. More recently, another Carrie movie reboot would be released in 2013, this time with Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore starring as Carrie and Mrs. White.

If this report is accurate, then this new take on Carrie will be one of many Stephen King adaptations we can look forward to on the small screen. Just this week, news broke of an upcoming Jersualem's Lot TV series in the works with Adrien Brody set to star. Television projects based on Lisey's Story, The Stand, The Outsider, and The Dark Tower are also on the way. The information about the new Carrie series was first reported by Collider.