Cartoon Network announced today it has completed production on Ben 10: Race Against Time, the live-action made-for-TV movie based on its hit animated action-adventure series about a young boy, who with the flick of a powerful alien wristwatch (The Omnitrix), can turn into 10 different aliens with amazing superpowers. Graham Phillips (Evan Almighty) stars in the coveted role of Ben Tennyson, a normal 10-year-old boy who is able to transform himself into a variety of super aliens like the powerful Heatblast or the beastly Wildmutt. Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) also stars as Grandpa Max, who uses his past experiences with the paranormal to guide and protect his grandchildren, Ben and Gwen, through their many adventures in fighting evil. Alex Winter of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure takes the helm as director for this first action-adventure movie from Cartoon Network, which will air in November.

Haley Ramm (X-Men 3) is Gwen, Ben's level-headed 10-year-old cousin and Ben's much needed voice of reason because despite his ability to change physically, Ben is still a kid at heart and has a little trouble figuring out how to act like a superhero when the pressure is really on. Christien Anholt (Relic Hunter), plays Eon of Chronia, Ben's nemesis in the movie. Eon was the first alien ever captured by Max's secret organization, "The Plumbers." The now-escaped Eon is trying to locate the doomsday device that was taken and hidden when he was captured. The device is capable of opening a gateway to Earth, signaling the start of an alien invasion that would mark the end of humankind. Now, Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max, with some help from The Omnitrix, are on a mission to stop Eon and save the world from total destruction!