Ain't Them Bodies Saints director David Lowery is teaming up with actor Casey Affleck once again for the sci-fi adaptation To Be Two.

The filmmaker will adapt the short story To Be Two or Not To Be by Paul Broks, which is set in a world where teleportation exists. Humans are scanned with the digital version sent to Mars to be reconstructed atom by atom, while the original person is destroyed on Earth. The story deals with an accident where the original human isn't destroyed, leaving one human on Earth and an exact duplicate on Mars. The adaptation is said to have the same tone as director Rian Johnson's Looper, in which a man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is tasked with killing his future self (Bruce Willis).

Casey Affleck is attached to star and executive produce with David Lowery, Toby Halbrooks and James M. Johnston. Jim Wilson is producing and financing the development through his Silver Reel company.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints opened in limited release last weekend, and expands to more cities and VOD platforms starting on August 23.