Warner Bros. has acquired a pitch from actor Casey Affleck and screenwriter Chuck Maclean entitled Boston Strangler, based on the true story of the serial killer who terrorized Beantown in the 1960s.

Casey Affleck will executive produce and plans on starring as one of the Boston detectives in the Strangler Squad, who were tasked with finding the killer. Chuck Maclean, a Boston native whose script Bridges on the Fort Point Channel made the Black List last year, will write the screenplay. The story follows an ambitious detective who is willing to risk it all to bring this mysterious murderer to justice, while battling a corrupt political system eager to save face and put the case behind them.

The Boston Strangler's first victims were older women who lived by themselves. When a 21-year-old woman was found dead, a public frenzy ensued, putting even more pressure on the Boston justice system to close the case. Albert de Salvo was charged and convicted for crimes unrelated to the case, although the public was made to believe he was the man behind the 13 murders that spanned from 1962 to 1964. Some still believe that there was more than one killer involved in the crimes, and that Albert de Salvo was just a small part of the operation.

Kevin McCormick is also producing through his Langley Park production company. No production schedule was given.