While waiting for Daniel Craig's final movie as James Bond to arrive in theaters, fans will be able to catch up on Casino Royale, streaming on HBO Max. It's the movie that started the actor's distinguished journey as the super spy. And according to Fangoria's Editor-in-Chief Phil Nobile Jr., the version of the movie available on HBO's new streaming service is longer and more violent than the original.

"The version of Casino Royale on HBOGO/MAX/WHATEVER is the slightly longer, it'll bit more violent cut that was not released theatrically in the US. Heads up if you're into that sort of thing."
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Now, before fans start getting their hopes up, this is not a 'Snyder cut of Justice League' type situation, where the director of Casino Royale was forced to cut out major portions of the movie, all of which are now going to be consolidated on HBO Max into a super-cut of Casino Royale that turns the story into an entirely new thing.

Instead, the streaming version will feature certain brief moments from the original cut that were removed to avoid a stricter rating for the film's theatrical release. Different countries have different standards for what is considered too gruesome for general audiences, and Casino Royale had to make edits to tone down the violence according to each country's demands. The version of the movie available on HBO Max will do away with those edits to present the uncut version of the film.

What this means is that fight scenes will be slightly longer, and the violence will be more unflinching, with no quick cuts to a different shot just as the kicking and punching moments are picking up steam. So expect to see an even more brutal version of Daniel Craig as James Bond than the one audiences fell in love with when the movie first released all the way back in 2006.

Casino Royale tells the tale of the early days of James Bond, when his run-in with international terrorist and poker-enthusiast Le Chiffre almost ended the Britsh spy's career. Not because the assignment proved too much for him, but because during the course of it Bond fell in love with Vesper Lynd and quit his job to marry her. Then Lynd betrayed him, and Bond returned to active duty as the cynical and emotionally closed-off James Bond that has become an icon of cinema.

The upcoming Bond movie No Time to Die features Craig in his final appearance as the master spy, and the actor has promised in previous interviews that the film will bring the emotional journey of Bond full circle since the start of his story in Casino Royale:

"I always had in the back of my mind a story I wanted to tell, and... it kind of happened. We have a through-line. And this movie is about tying all those ends up, about reconnecting him to Casino [Royale], really, and that's what we've managed to do. There's a big emotional journey for him in it."