The producers and casting team of the hit reality series Supernanny are searching the country for men and women at least fifty pounds overweight to compete on a brand new transformational series on ABC. This summer's new hit combines physical and mental challenges with the opportunity to win a large cash prize. The nationwide search kicks off in Arizona the week of February 12th and leads up to an open call on Saturday, February 17th 12PM until 4PM at Elizabeth Savage Talent in the Scottsdale Executive Villas (480/945-1155).

Each of the candidates chosen for the team can win tens of thousands of dollars while taking part in the biggest weight loss experience in American television history. The new show is different from any other program on TV and takes the viewer on a journey with a select group of full-figured and heavy-set participants who triumph and achieve their personal goals while inspiring the lives of millions.

Producers from the show will continue casting across the country this spring to find weighty participants to team up for the launch of the new show's first season.

People interested in learning more about the show and who want to apply in advance for the chance to slim down and cash in can visit or call Ricochet Television 323/904-4680 for more information.

Ricochet Television is based in the United Kingdom where the company is one of the leading independent production companies of high quality factual and entertainment television programming. Ricochet's international phenomenon Supernanny launched the company in the United States where the company is building an innovative reputation in transformational and critically acclaimed reality based and documentary style television.

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