Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson have put out a casting call for The Hobbit, the live-action adaptation of Tolkien's classic fantasy tales. Both filmmakers have previously announced their preference for working with unknown actors, rather than making offers to established actors.

Spoiler TV has the full list of open roles, but here is a sample:

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[BILBO] A well-to-do, respectable Hobbit.... Although he doesn't realize it himself, BILBO has a good deal of courage; he can be practical and resilient. He has a good sense of humour, and is able to appreciate the ridiculous. He is very quick on the uptake and is well read having been encouraged to read widely by his mother. The most distinguishing characteristic about BILBO is his humanity; he is empathetic with a big heart and generous spirit. LEAD. AGE: 25-35. ACCENT - STANDARD R.P.

[THORIN OAKENSHIELD] Heir to the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, Thorin Oakensheild was forced to lead his people far away from their homelands into exile in the Blue Mountains. Powerfully built and a legendary fighter, Thorin has led a tough and dangerous life and it shows on his face. He is sharp eyed and sharp tongued, proud in his bearing and un-trusting of those he does not know. But Thorin is also capable of intense loyalty, immense courage and surprising gentleness and humour. Thorin will be required to wear a wig and beard and some minor prosthetics make-up, like a nose or forehead, is possible. LEAD. AGE: EARLY 40'S to MID 50'S. ACCENT - STANDARD R.P. OR SLIGHTLY ACCENTED REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT.

[SMAUG] VOICEOVER ONLY. Two hundred years earlier, the Dragon SMAUG came down from the barren northern reaches and laid waste to the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor. Sitting upon his pile of gold, he has grown to a truly immense size. Old and yet not old, his voice still carries the sense of a sharp and lethal mind. He is the most deadly creature in all Middle-earth - and he knows it. Sly, quick and ferociously intelligent SMAUG is a dangerous opponent and not one to under-estimate. If he has weakness it is his unbridled greed and his arrogance. His voice is part of what gives him is power - his ability to seduce, persuade and flatter, even to display a degree of charm. But any sense of civility or consideration for others is utterly false. He is merciless and without empathy for any other living creature. He is a killer sptv050769. AGE: 40-70. ACCENT - STANDARD R.P ACCENT

For the full list, go here.