After loosing everyone's favorite director Paul W.S. Anderson, the theatrical adaptation of the video game Castlevania has settled on a newer, better director. According to Variety, Sylvain White, best known for helming this year's Stomp the Yard, has come aboard the project.

This live-action retelling of the game revolves around a Transylvanian Knight who must lead his men into a giant castle to seek refuge from the Turkish army. Once inside, they realize that they are surrounded by vampires. Anderson wrote the screenplay, but decided to step down from the director's chair when he took on the film Death Race.

White stated, "Most of the vampire films have been present or set in the future, from Blade to Underworld, and I was attracted by the chance to make a dark, epic period movie that almost has an anime feel to it."

The film will begin shooting this fall in South Africa and Romania. It will be released in the spring of 2008.