Get ready to explore the Catacombs on DVD.

Catacombs will be released on DVD on February 19, apparently skipping a U.S. theatrical engagement. The disc will be priced at an SRP of $29.95. The horror flick stars Shannon Sossamyn and pop star Pink, going under her given name of Alecia Moore.


In Catacombs, the new hair-raising thriller from the producers of the hit film Saw, Victoria (Shannyn Sossamon) heads to City of Lights to visit her wild sister Carolyn (Alecia Moore a.k.a. music superstar Pink).

One night, Victoria is swept into the Parisian underground rave scene, literally under ground into the city's Catacombs. It is here--among the bodies of the dead which have rested undisturbed for centuries--that the easily frightened Victoria finds herself lost in the darkness, pursued by someone or something more terrifying than she could have ever imagined...

Special Features

- Audio Commentary from writers/directors Tomm Coker and David Elliot

- "Descend into Catacombs" making-of featurette

- Music featurette