It's been a little while since the last "free-roaming" Spider-Man game, and Activision has decided not to leave us waiting any longer. Yahoo! Games has premiered the new trailer for the game, and it looks pretty awesome.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer.

They also provide the following description for the game:

New York City has been invaded and only Spider-Man can save it.

Control everything. "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows" gives you an unprecedented level of gameplay choice, including, for the first time, control over the game's direction and outcome. Choose how Spider-Man fights, which powers to upgrade, who in the Marvel Universe to fight with or against, and the fate of New York City itself.

That's right. In addition to controlling Spidey, the actions you take in the game will determine which heroes (and villains!) you have available as allies for the final battle of the game.

Additionally, by going to the web site for the game,, you will eventually be able to vote on which characters will appear in the game, as well as on what site future trailers will permiere.