Despite Apollo 18 doing lackluster business at the Box Office this past September, studios are continuing to turn towards the "found footage" genre, because they are cheap, easy, and require no big name actors to attract an audience. The latest such movie to move forward is Category Six, which was just acquired by New Line Cinema.

The movie, from screenwriter John Swetnam, revolves around the worst tornado in US history, as survived by a group of high school students. Most of the action seen in the movie will be captured via cell phones, smart books, and other recording devices. The entire narrative will be told through a first-person POV.

Todd Garner, who came up with the initial idea, will produce through his Broken Road production banner. There is no set start date for principle photography at this time.

Hopefully, New Line will find it in their hearts to squeeze in a Bill Paxton cameo. Maybe he can play the part of the cow this time.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange