Catherine Zeta-Jones is reuniting with director Steven Soderbergh, joining the cast of his psychopharmacology drama Side Effects for Open Road Films. We reported earlier this month that actors Blake Lively, Jude Law, and Channing Tatum have also signed on.

The story centers on Blake Lively's character, a woman who gets addicted to prescription drugs out of fear that her husband (Channing Tatum) will be released from prison soon. Jude Law plays the woman's new therapist, while Catherine Zeta-Jones portrays Dr. Eric Siebert. The drama is said to be set in the world of psychopharmacology, the study of how drugs affect the human mind.

Steven Soderbergh is directing Side Effects from a screenplay by Scott Z. Burns. Production is scheduled to begin this April in New York, on a $30 million budget.

Catherine Zeta-Jones previously worked with Steven Soderbergh on Traffic, which earned him a Best Director Oscar.