The Cats Blu-ray audio description feature does the unthinkable and makes the movie even weirder. Tom Hooper's big screen adaptation of the iconic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical was far from the box office smash the studio had initially hoped for. Hooper was able to organize a pretty incredible all-star cast and things looked great on paper. However, things seemed to have gotten lost in translation from the paper to the screen. The problems started as soon as the first footage was unleashed last summer.

Now that Cats is available on Blu-ray and Digital, people have been giving it a chance. Like just about every other home release, the movie comes with a ton of bonus features, including an audio description for the visually impaired. Twitter user Carter McKendry decided to try this function out and posted some results and it sounds horrifying, even without looking at the screen. It appears that the descriptions amplify everything and makes it really intense and kind of disturbing at the same time.

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Cats has recently seen some turmoil over a mythical cut of the movie that reportedly featured detailed versions of the human-feline hybrid's backsides. While some claim that this cut most definitely does not exist, there has been opposition claiming that it really does. Regardless, the internet has taken it upon themselves to create their own, which, like the audio description feature, is disturbing, but also hilarious at the same time. It's certainly a lot better than having the dancing cockroach scene described to you in vivid detail, although that could very well be a matter of personal preference.

Tom Hooper has taken some pretty harsh criticism over the release of Cats. The movie was once going to be submitted for Academy Award consideration, but the studio yanked it right before the campaign could even start. Hooper was tampering with the CGI effects from the time of the first trailer all the way until after it opened in theaters. But, as the director learned, no amount of special effects tampering was going to help Cats on the big screen, except for something that he may not have even thought of.

While Cats was getting torn apart by critics, some viewers took their experience into their own hands and decided to take drugs to heighten the experience. While some viewers had bad trips, others believe that the movie was a masterpiece while high out of their minds. Now, the Blu-ray may offer a brand-new way for people to trip out with the audio description feature. Viewers can blindfold themselves after taking their substance of choice and just listen to the movie through the descriptions, while letting the imagination run wild. Tom Hooper's Cats may not receive respect now, but it's well on its way to becoming a cult classic in the near future. You can head over to Universal Pictures to get information about obtaining your own Blu-ray copy and watch a preview below.