Judi Dench still hasn't seen Tom Hooper's Cats, which she starred in. The 85-year old actress is still pretty excited about her Razzie nomination though. As it turns out, Dench isn't the only actor who was in the controversial movie who hasn't seen it. James Cordon revealed back in December that he hadn't seen the big screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic musical and said he heard that it was, "terrible." Terrible might be an understatement, but Dench claims she doesn't even know about the backlash.

When asked about Cats and the crazy reception it received from critics and viewers, Judi Dench said, "I didn't read anything about the response to it, nor have I seen it." Fair enough. There's a lot of actors who don't like to watch themselves up on the big or small screen. However, Dench did see what she looks like in the movie and had an interesting response. She had this to say.

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"I've only seen a picture of myself [from the film]... I once had a cat [who looked] like that, called Carpet, and I didn't realize I was playing Carpet. I thought I was playing a kind of, you know, mangier cat who didn't have much fur. I didn't realize I was this wonderful show cat!"

Well, at least Judi Dench looked like her old cat Carpet. That might be the best thing about Cats now. The actress had a little bit of awareness when it came to the negative press the movie was receiving. "I was aware of the response only slightly, I think people had been rather kind to me. I'm not big on reading reviews, anyway... you kind of know, yourself, about something, I think," she said. People were actually pretty kind to all of the actors involved in the production as a whole.

Tom Hooper took most of the shrapnel from critics and viewers. It didn't help that Cats had a number of redesigns, one of which that occurred the first weekend the movie was in theaters. While the studio pulled the movie from its For Your Consideration page, it hasn't kept the movie from getting Razzies attention. When Judi Dench was told she was nominated, she seemed quite excited. "Oh, am I? That would be good! As far as I know, that's a first!"

Perhaps Judi Dench doesn't know what the Razzies are? Whatever the case may be, she doesn't seem to let any of the negativity even get to her, which is pretty amazing. It seems that everybody knew that Cats was a disaster, except for the people who were high on drugs going in for repeat screenings. The movie will more than likely end up becoming a cult favorite anyway, with sellout showings across North America. The interview with Judi Dench was originally conducted by BBC Radio 4.