Catwoman:UPDATE: We just got word from a rep over at Warner Bros. stating that Catwoman is certainly NOT dead:

The Catwoman piece that originated on Cinescape is pure rumor. Warner Bros. will begin filming as planned on Sept 10, 2003 in Vancouver. We are very excited about this film. Press release coming shortly.
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Here's the original scoop which it appears is false:

According to a scoop over at Cinescape, the Halle Berry starring comic book adaptation, Catwoman, might be getting the boot by Warner Bros.:

Our informant doesn't know specifics but they've told us about numerous industry developments before they've broken publically, such as Warner's decision to move the production of TERMINATOR 3 from lensing in Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles instead. "It's stillborn," was what they cryptically told us about what's happened with CATWOMAN.

On the surface it still appears as business as usual. The CATWOMAN production still has an active production office phone number and remains pencilled in for a September start of filming in Vancouver. Whether that information will change in the weeks to come remains to be seen, but as we mentioned, our source has been privy to these kinds of decisions before they are publically announced.

For now take our scoop as an unconfirmed rumor that comes from good sources. If the studio has terminated its CATWOMAN movie this is the first anyone's heard of it.