The highly anticipated fan film Catwoman: Resolution will be available to view online on New Year's Eve 2006.

Catwoman: Resolution is the action-packed short film produced by Amber Moelter (TrashHouse, Catwoman: Copycat), who co-wrote (with Amy E. Sousa) and stars as the feline fatale. Moelter was featured on the cover of the Winter 2006 B &W edition of Fan Film Quarterly in the black catsuit from Catwoman: Copycat.

Associate producer Edward Wheeler (Guiding Light, Haunting Mysteries) choreographed the fight sequences for Catwoman: Resolution, which was shot and directed by Colin Blakeston (Catwoman: Copycat) over New Year's Eve 2005. Wheeler also directed the opening sequence of Catwoman: Resolution, which was shot by director of photography John Hager.

Laura Petrielli Pulice at Vex Clothing - who recently created Bianca Beauchamp's design for the "Sin Episodes" - created a new purple and black catsuit for Catwoman: Resolution based on a Jim Balent design. Couture designer Cliff Lee (Prada Italy) designed the purple dress and coat seen in the film. The necklace the film revolves around was designed by Dani Linnetz, whose jewelry has recently been seen in Oprah Magazine.

Catwoman: Resolution is edited by Georgia Hilton, President of World Wide Audio and CEO of Edge1Records, who is currently editing the Vanessa L. Williams and Eartha Kitt feature Somebody Like You. The score was composed by grammy award-winning producer Fish, the executive producer to Reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee (resulting in three simultaneous number one hits on the Latin billboard charts), who has also produced for Nickelodeon TV, Universal Music and Maverick Records.

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To view the trailer immediately and find out more about the cast and crew, visit the Catwoman: Resolution website: . All the photographs are by Markus Hartel.


Catwoman/ Selina Kyle: Amber Moelter

Psycho: Jason Fernandez

Frankie: Gareth Wilmot

Sneaky Sneak: Edward Wheeler

Socialite: Marcy Girt

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